Sunday, May 23, 2010


Zinnias are blooming in my garden, but not nearly as brightly as the ones in magazine spreads. I must have been in a tangerine and lime mood yesterday as I picked up a few pots from the thrift store and the colors were an exact match to the picture I pulled from a magazine.

Think the white background is nice. Must get Photoshop installed so I can eliminate the lime!


  1. Personally I love the lime and the painting looks more complete. the lime actually gives more focus to the zinnia. Love the painting in progress photo.

  2. Thanks Liz and Snippety! I'm still so rusty with my watercolors. Splashing paint onto a page with my students compared to carefully applying watercolors is a switch. Love it though.

  3. I love your site. I found it at your Deep Space Sparkle site which I love as well. I love this painting as it is. I think the white background would be too "blah" to share space with such a glorious rendition of a zinnia. I wish I had your talent and boy are you talented - obvious from all your photos :)



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