Saturday, May 29, 2010

My List...20 Things I plan to do this summer

Many have one. Now I do. Here is my short list of the 20 things I intend to do this summer.

Here are a few others that I like...


  1. I should have a list, just read the 40 in 40 too....I am 50 this fall so 50 in 50 ??? Lots to think about....just read the update in Deepspacesparkle....I have few weeks to go before summer holidays but your amazing ideas will fill our days ahead. The sunflowers we made are truly beautiful and I loved inspiring the kids. Thanks so much for the joy and colour you have brought to our classroom....lists to make, hmmm.....

  2. I just found your blogs and I love them!! Thanks so much for sharing :) I have four young kids and want to teach them creative outlets. I think I'll go buy watercolors for them this summer. What kind of paper do you use with them ... I'm not a painter at all. I do appreciate art a whole bunch though! Also, I have one more huge favor to ask, how did you make that list? Adobe InDesign? I really want to learn to make cool looking lists like that. Thanks. Come visit me sometime at

  3. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks! I hope you try a few projects with your little ones. As for my list, well, I used watercolors to paint the rectangles, scanned the piece, then used Picnik to add the words. You could use Photoshop or any other image manager as well. Picnik is free though!

  4. Patty,

    Thank you for this site! We have done so many of your art projects and have had so much fun! I love how easy your plans are to follow and to adapt.


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