Saturday, September 1, 2007

How I Write...

How do writers craft their stories? Some writers I know tackle their projects by putting pen to paper--literally. I can't write that way...I prefer the key board. I'm constantly changing words and rearranging sentences. Often, I'll just write a scene only half knowing what my characters are suppose to be doing. I love listening to their voices and following it.

Sometimes, I'll scrap the whole scene if it doesn't work for the book, but at least I had a moment with her. Maybe that's why I love the revision process so much--it gives me a chance to try out a new scene or explore a different emotional point of view. It all benefits the book. Makes it stronger.

There are many opportunities for descriptive passages in Greenwood Girls. I want to give the reader a sense of where these girls live; the gymnasium, the school itself, Dree and William's dorm room, social room, dining hall, spa, secret passage, GG's hidden club, and even the equestrian center. How do I keep it all together in my head? Visuals! I draw maps, floor plans, clip pictures from magazines, etc. I have a binder next to my desk that holds this info.

As for the characters...well, they are front and center on my bulletin board. Shown are my collages of the three main characters: Dree, Cameron and William. When I made these collages, the girls were 13 and 14. Dree was entering 8th grade and William and Cameron were in 9th grade. Will and Cam already had two years behind them. But after a few revisions, I thought it would be better to have all three girls enter Greenwood Academy at the same time and experience their first year together. It also made sense when I began thinking of this book as a series. Readers could grow up with these girls until graduation.
Sometimes I think this book will never be done...and sometimes I don't want it to be. It's so much fun writing Greenwood Girls. I can't wait for it to be published so gilrs everywhere can live the life of a Greenwood Girl!


  1. I love your sketch of the academy. About a year ago, I tried to sketch out a street map of the neighborhood for my characters, so I could keep everything in my mind on logistics of where everyone was. Talk about squares and lines, nothing like your sketch.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is amazing...William is JUST like I pictured her too. I agree with Hipwritermama! Such a beautiful sketch of the academy. Maybe a rough of the cover?


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