Sunday, September 2, 2007

For Visual Writers...

While browsing some authors websites, I came upon one by Brenda Ferber. In her "For Writer's" section (scroll down to adult page) she posts a few pictures of how she writes her books. I thought her process using post-it notes is terrific. If you are a visual writer with a manuscript to revise, I would recommend that you check it out!

After getting in a few hours of writing (Greenwood Girls Year II), I plan to head down to Seashell Beach for another afternoon of watching my kids sail. The Seashell season is almost over, only about nine more sailing days. I'll be in charge of this year's silent auction at the annual Santa Barbara Seashells Winetasting and Boat tours Event. If you are around Saturday, October 6th from 4pm to's a beautiful experience. Wine, yachts, conversation, Santa Barbara sunsets...what could get better than that?


  1. dear patty--don't think I have ever acknowledged how many of your discovered links I have used, bookmarked, learned from. I am amazed at your productivity and research skills.

    If you are on to Greenwood II does that mean you have sent off the entire ms? Congratualtions! I was just thinking about reading your manuscript the first time--how many years ago was that? You are such a dedicated writer. Hope the "girls" appreciate your perseverance!

    Hope you enjoy your sailing day! Maggie

  2. Thanks Maggie!Yes, it went off. Obviously, a manuscript can never really be done. All I hope for is feedback and the chance to revise more.
    I love working on Book II. So much fun.
    Looking forward to Wednesday!


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