Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Los Angeles Writer's Day

Lisa Yee! Cheryl Klein! What a day!
Traveling to Pasadena for SCBWI's Los Angeles Writer's Day with my friends, Angela and Maggie, was once again a memorable experience. Conversations revolved around submitting (when and to whom), writing (when, how often and how to bloody start in the first place) and finally, to books, where we all pretty much agreed this was the reason why we write...to be an author with a published book someday.
Listening to Cheryl Klein speak about writing and illustrating picture books was inspiring and almost...and I stress almost...made me want to try picture book writing. After all, illustrating books was my initial intention. When did I stray???
Lisa Yee (Author of one of the best kid voices ever, Milicent Min) made me laugh as she exposed her vulnerable side of being an author. I was very pleased that we share a favorite childhood book, The Trouble with Jenny's Ear.

It really was one my favorite next to next to No Flying in the House and I was transported back to Glen Stewart Elementary School in Southport as soon as she said it. Like Lisa, I too, was a budding librarian. Sister Donna Eagan graciously allowed 6th graders to work in the school library, which was in a brand-spankin' new school after we outgrew the two-room school house in Bunbury. (Hey, I know what you're thinking and and I'm not that old...but you know, rural Prince Edward Island...kind of small.) I loved Friday afternoons when I could sort through the card catalog and if I was lucky, actually stamp a book due. Wow.

Anyway...great day and to top it all off, Angela and I both won an Honorable Mention in the writing contest for Middle Grade books!!! We were both thrilled and the two hour car ride home seemed to last a minute.

Thanks to SCBWI-LA Regional Advisors and Conference Coordinators for a stellar day!

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