Friday, May 21, 2010

A study in cross-hatching...

Wanted to experiment with cross-hatching. I'm a bit rusty but it was still fun.
It took a long time.
Spent the hours thinking about my story (not to mention the fact that Dree's neck is too long) and what scenes feel visually dynamic. Thought about the architecture of Greenwood Academy. It has always felt "Edwardian" to me. Love the red brick (reminds me of the red dirt in PEI) and old stone archways.
This is a door that I photographed while at Reed College in Portland last summer. The plaque above the door should read "Doyle" but I changed it to "Taylor".
Not sure why Dree is sneaking into Taylor Hall...perhaps there is something for her to find?

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  1. This is just lovely! Cross hatching is so satisfying when you sit back and look at the finished piece, isn't it?

    Looking at this picture makes me want to read the story!


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