Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Color sorting my books

Yes, it's true. I was bored. But don't they look nice? I think everyone should color sort their books. The spines look so lovely. Almost begging me to read them one more time...

My upstairs office, AKA The Retreat, has become my official workspace. For Mother's Day, I received a new iMac. After 10 years of being a PC customer, I've finally made the switch. I'm sure once my files have been transfered, it'll be all worth it. Fun part? Creating an inspirational space. Now that my books are organized, I'm ready to move onto my "boards".


  1. Wow that is a great idea..and a great photo...Being an art teacher myself, I too have a tremendous amount of books and resources.
    I just recently found your Deep Space Sparkle Sight...and I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE your ideas!!! You are very creative. I have been a high school art teacher for 7 years....I have been out on maternity for 2 years with my son...and now it is my time to go back in September. I will be returning as an art elementary teacher for Kindergarten and First...and teaching Middle School 5th and 6th....I just want you to know you have put all of my fears at ease..when I see your ideas..and you also give info on procedures and how you do things...You have definintely opened up my imagination, and I am so thankful for that. So thank you very much.
    I too have converted to the IMac, for the past 10 months, and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO PC. I love the mac...i love what you can do and how easy it is to use...I wish you the best of luck.. and you will be so happy you have entered the "other side :) "
    Thank you for all you have shown me.

  2. this is beautiful! i happened upon your blog because i'm an artist that works with kids and need art projects. then i found your personal blog! how fun!

    thanks for sharing your ideas and being so colorful!! xo

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  4. Thanks Janine! I'm struggling just a bit with transferring all of my photos from my PC but I can already see the benefits. I'm so pleased that you enjoy Deep Space Sparkle. It's truly a pleasure sharing art projects with all my online art buddies. Now that school is almost over, I'm looking forward to working on my own art projects!

  5. Hello Patty !
    Your bookshelves look wonderful....you always have such great ideas...my class and I just had the discussion how to sort and display our books.
    When I read your words "school is almost over" I felt a little sad, and I LOVE summer holidays...just love to check out your sites and see what you are up to with your classes, I will miss that over the summer ! Thanks so much for inspiring me and my kids, we have a great time exploring your ideas.

  6. Don't worry! I still plan to post all the way through summer!


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