Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Notebook

With the chaos of art shows behind me, I can now pursue writing again. I love how being forced away from your novel makes the heart grow fonder, or at least inspired. I've been getting random--and quite frequent--bouts of inspiration. While mindlessly cropping the sides of a Van Gogh inspired sunflower painting or demonstrating to kinders how to cut out a circle, they come to me. Perfect little tidbits that will surely make my novel better. Some are general. Some are character specific. These are the edits in my mind.
Now that I have two novels that I'm working on, the inspirations can sometimes get muddled. While in the moment, I'm certain that I'll remember them. After all, they're so brilliant. Ha! But as soon as I make it back to the keyboard, they vanish.
My friend, Laura, AKA BlackJack Super Babe, carries a cute little notepad with her at all times. The last time we had coffee, she pulled it out a few times to scribble down notes. Genius, I thought. "Sheesh," she said. "Just go buy one".
I think I will.

My stack of unread books on my bedside table is low. I need another fix. Think I might pop over to Chaucer's and pick up a couple of the new 2k8 novels. Not sure which one. It'll be fun to browse but does anyone have any recommendations?
I've never read Stargirl but after Patricia Gauch raved about it at the Los Angeles Writer's day, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. The climax scene with Stargirl leading a line of congo dancers through the fields in her yellow buttercup dress. Love it.


  1. 2k8 novels??? I recommend them all!

    Actually, it depends on what your interests are. This week Braless in Wonderland just came out which is about the modeling world. And last week A Difficult Boy came out about indentured servitude. I'm heading to the bookstore to buy both next week.

  2. PJ: Oooh, both sound good! Can hardly wait till I'm browsing for your book.

  3. Awwww. That's AWESOME, Patty. It's so great to get those inspirations and even better to have a place to write them down. I think I'm part trout. I love things that sparkle. So I always put some kind of glittery sticker or get a glittery notebook. I'm SUCH a girl:) Here's to inspiration! I'm reading Stargirl now. Tony Abbot did my critique of WANDA at last year's SCBWI Summer Conference. He's a great guy and was very encouraging too:)

  4. Laura...bought a cute little note pad today and made my first "entry" while browsing for hamburger buns at the grocery store!

  5. The little notepads are lifesavers. Here's to great ideas!

  6. OOO! That's awesome:) I love thinking of inspiration while browsing for hamburger buns. LOVE IT:)


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