Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This weeks goals...

Tricia over at Roots in Myth does a cool thing. I've noticed it for a while now. She begins her week with a list of goals. Maybe not every week, but enough times to get me to notice. She also seems to do them. So, in honor of my critique friend, I am now creating a list of my weekly goals.
So what? you say. Truthfully, I'm not sure why anyone would care what my goals are, but reading what other people's goals are is actually inspiring to me. Makes me feel normal. Kind of like listening to Cecil Castellucci's speech at the SCBWI LA Writer's day. Hearing about her road to publication was fantastic stuff. It wasn't easy and I'm sure she made lists.
So here it goes:
  1. Research two dream publishers and two small publishers. Then, submit my MG manuscript.
  2. Add critique members comments to my YA novel. Rewrite chapters.
  3. Check out the SCBWI calendar and circle interesting events.
  4. Send cottage deck plans to contractor in PEI.
  5. Finish reading Queen of Cool.
  6. Paint more tiles for fundraising mural.
There. Done. My list of goals. Of course, I didn't add things like getting my kids through STAR testing week, or vowing to write down all school events on our family calendar so that maybe, just once, I won't forget things like the Mother's Day Tea or when the lunch money is due.

Hmmm. Feels pretty good. Hopefully I'll be able to cross a few of these off my list.
In the meantime, I'm going to curl up on my couch and work on #6.


  1. Funny as I just finished listing all our school things we need to do for teacher appreciation month! Ack! We're already a day behind on the hand made cards.
    What a great list! Painted tiles sound awesome. And reading other people's goals is totally inspiring!

  2. Oh, man. You just reminded me that I needed to put a fundraising/auction project together for my daughter's third grade class. Gulp.

    Any creative ideas of a class project that will look good so the parents will want to bid on it?

  3. Boy, you have come to the right place. I have YEARS of class project experience. Here are some:
    Kids art scanned on pretty notecards, kid's portraits painted on tiles then mounted to an outdoor table, bookshelves/wooden mirrors/wooden tables/potters bench with hand stamped flowers, classroom quilts, shells or mosaic glass tiles glued to terracotta pots, shells glued to mirrors, apron with hand prints stamped on it, 3-4 themed art pieces framed together (gets 3-4 families bidding on it), classroom portfolio of art work, Herb garden in hand painted terracotta pots...I could go on! If you need more description, email me!

  4. Great goals. Good luck with them. I love #1. I agree, seeing other people's goals are awesome. You've inspired me to finish incorporating my crit groups comments into my mms. Good luck with all the school stuff. Now that our nest is empty I feel vary far away from all that. Don't know how we do it all, but somehiw we do.

    would you recommend Julie Strauss Gabel's breakout session at the SCBWI conference LA this year. It's called "YA Novel Masterclass"? I thought you went through it in New I right?

  5. What great ideas! I'll e-mail you. Thanks, Patty!

  6. Hi, Patty!

    Happy National Teacher's Day! Please visit my blog - I wrote out my gratitude for teachers today, and hope you enjoy it.


  7. Thanks Kim! I'll be right over. :)


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