Sunday, October 7, 2007

She sells seashells...

A record number of boating and wine enthusiasts turned out to support the Santa Barbara SeaShell Association, a local sailing club dedicated to teaching kids to sail. As a mom of two Seashellers (well one a half to be exact. Elly isn't quite into the whole solo experience yet) I have to admit there have been many Sunday mornings when I would have rathered stayed home sipping coffee. But last night's event fortified my sense of pride in belonging to such a traditional Santa Barbara club.
Neil took this picture at the end of the evening, when we were busy sorting through bid sheets, cheques, cellophane baskets and sailing booties. Jeanene and I were in charge of the silent auction, scrambling to write up bid sheets as dozens of gracious folks ambled by, noticed the event and donated merchandise to support this great cause. Many local businesses donated items/services to this event, highlighting once again the prolific generosity in this town.
(Left-Right: Seashell moms Karyn, Jeanene, Patty, Susan in front and Emma, a 'A' Fleet skipper and fab auction helper)
The SeaShell Association was started by Ray Keiding in 1950. His daughter, Susan Deardorff (green sweater) belonged to the club when she was a girl and her son now sails in the 'B' fleet.
Generations of Seashellers shared such stories last night.
Thanks to all the auction helpers...until next year!

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