Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Revisions and Anniversary

Revisions have been a big part of my life for the past couple of years. I often wonder (as do many others whom I won't mention) when I'll be done. Really mean it when I type "the end" on page 227. A part of me doesn't want to be finished. I love the story the way it is but I know a better story is lurking somewhere in my manuscript.
My Wednesday writing group lead by Val Hobbs, is my gateway to reality. Many writer's can type all day long and whip out a strong manuscript without anybody ever reading it. Actually, I don't know anyone who can do that, except maybe Val. But even she confesses that some stories are harder to nail down than others.
The group, which is a mixture of published and non-yet-published authors, have an uncanny knack of pinpointing exactly where a chapter needs work. As the author, the trick is to implement the suggestions in a way to make the story your own. I often joke that Maggie has co-written Greenwood Girls. Seriously. She's had so much influence in the direction of the story. I love her input as well as everyone else in the group. They say it takes a village...
This fall, I have examined 2 major chapters and revised them to include more characterization, clearer setting details, including a few extra sensory ones. My big concern right now is the age of my protagonist. The group feels she should be older (according to how the story is written). I want her to be twelve. The revisions continue....

My husband and I have been married fifteen years tomorrow. We're escaping Santa Barbara to Ventura ( for reasons still unclear) and plan to spend the day and evening enjoying one another's company. It's well deserved and long overdue. We've both been a bit too busy with charity work. We get to recharge and enjoy the day. Tonight we begin our theater and dining adventure with a dinner downtown and movie at UCSB. Sounds great..even though tonight, I'll have to miss my writing class. I think my writing will survive.


  1. Hi--you two are so cute! Hope you had a wild time in Ventura. We missed you at class, but I enjoyed your insightful comments on my chapter. I wasn't feeling very positively about it, but after the critique I realized it was salvageable. Erik showed us a new writing software program Scrivener which looked interesting--especially for those of us who are disorganized and unplotted. I may invest in it. It has one view that looks like index cards on cork board. Maybe I'll get that plot stuff worked out.

    As for your comments--too generous. GG is all yours, Miss Patty.

    See you next week! Maggie

  2. Thanks, Maggie. I'm checking Erik's program suggestion right now!


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