Sunday, October 14, 2007

What I'm reading.

I reorganized my bookcase yesterday. It seemed like the perfect task while I waited to download all 428 sumer pictures to my Shutterfly album. My bookcase sits right next to my desk where I write. All my favorite books are within easy reach. They contain inspiration, direction, and even a place to rest my eyes when the computer screen grows weary.

I took all the books from the shelf and categorized them into "have read" and "have not read".
Then I arranged them alphabetically. Unfortunately, the "have not read" category takes up more shelves than the "have reads". Not a good sign. Although, it's not exactly a true representation of what I have read. For most of the books, I started out with every intention of finishing them but put down after another book stole my attention. I'm starting to feel like I have the shortest attention span ever.

Elsewhere, by Gabrielle Zevin sits eye level. I love this book. I read it while in Puerto Penasco, Mexico two Thanksgiving's ago. This fact might contribute to the wonderful feeling I get when I look at the cover. I decided to pick up her latest novel, Portrait of a Teenage Amnesiac. I read it in one sitting and loved it. Here is a review of the book.

There is something about the way Zevin's characters have qualities that are both honorable and undesirable. There is something about how her scenes float from one to the other. Such great writing. I guess I'm an official fan now!

Next on my reading agenda is "Esperanza Rising" by Pam Munoz Ryan and "So Totally Emily Ebers" by Lisa Yee.

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