Thursday, September 20, 2007

My perfect day

Crisp, clear, sunny and cool. Absolutely the best Fall day yet (although technically, it's still summer). Dropped Newt off to school, picked up a few groceries, came back home and began rewriting my rewrite from my critique class last night. Stopped. Felt a bit cool. Put on a sweater, brewed a pot of decaf and began my rewrite again. Ahhh. I love sweater weather.
Got to a difficult part on my re-write. Decided to take a break. Checked my email. One from Maggie. No doubt another inspiring idea for my book (I should actually address her as co-writer of Greenwood Girls since she does help me through the rough spots).

She posted the link to The Big Sur Writing Workshop. Think I may go. The retreat sounds wonderful...crashing ocean waves, dense pine forests and utter silence. Another gal in my writing class attended last year and spoke highly of it.
I love my book.
I love my character but it still needs massive amounts of work. Need to make sure that every girl who reads it will also love my story and my girl. Maybe Big Sur will help me get one step closer.
I thought about it.
I'm in.
Maggie and I are going on a road trip! Yeehaw!
Back to my rewrite. Pivotal point in the book. Gotta get it right. But the stellar day is calling me...


  1. good morning--loved this entry. I am so excited that we are going on this writing adventure together.
    I just wrote my big check this morning and am off to the post office in a few minutes. I did call ahead to make sure there were spaces for us and the woman indicated we shouldn't have any problem registering.

    Have a great weekend and hapy writing! Maggie

  2. Maggie,
    So excited. Still amazed at how quickly I wrote out the cheque. Ahh, Big Sur in the Fall...and writing...and critiques...yummy!
    Talk soon,


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