Friday, April 9, 2010

Living and Writing the Artful Life

I'm spinning off in a new direction...
Or maybe...
Picture Books!
I'm not sure exactly.
The illustrating bug hit me!

For the past six years, I've been teaching art to 300 creative kids a week. All that paint and pastel and pretty paper has rubbed off. I'm bringing my sable watercolor brushes out of storage, learning some nifty tricks on photoshop and dreaming of a book that will inspire kids as much as they inspire me.
What about my novels?
They're still there.
But a shift in perspective is calling.
I have no idea where this will lead me. I have no idea what to do.
I'm fighting the voice inside my head that is telling me I have given up on my novel.
I hate that voice.
It's making me mad.
I'm choosing to listen to the other voice. The one that says to write and draw about what I really know.
I'll keep you posted...

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  1. Please keep writing from your heart. I used your delightful turtle of lines with my summer school kids and they all loved it. (Age 4 thru 6th grade) They were all so different and everyone felt succesful. I love your blog...the colors and designs do bring me joy. God has blessed your creative soul and you are so kind to share.
    Thank you,
    Candace Jessup


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