Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Forward

Put my writing on hold this week to play a major role in my own personal "What Not to Wear". My sister, a fashion editor from Toronto, just launched her own full-time stylist business. Move over Stacy! My sis Tammy, edited my entire closet, explaining in a gentle way why some clothes should just never be there. She made a list, took note of my budget and we hit the stores.
Can I just tell you now how amazing it is to try on clothes you NEVER would have selected and actually say, "Well, whadiya know. This actually looks good."
Five stores and just as many bags later, I unpacked the new me, hung it next to the barely-made-it pieces and gazed longingly at my color sorted, properly fitted wardrobe.
Next step? Tammy will pull the pieces together, accessorize them from top to bottom and get this...will photograph each outfit for my own personalized Look Book. How cool is that?
If you live in the greater Toronto area, seriously consider hiring this time-saving fashion angel.

But not all my time is spent trying on clothes...we've been watching the Olympics with great intensity. Figure Skating is on all week and I'm seriously glued to the tube. LOVE the drama and the color-commentating. Scott and Sandra on NBC are spot on as always and I'm taking lots of notes.
Go Canada!

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  1. Santa Barbara is the place for buying lovely, new pieces for one's wardrobe. I fly in from Canada (where I teach Grade Two) to stay with my 'forever friend' as often as I can. While there she helps me pick out those perfect pieces. Did you shop in TO or SB? I'd love to know which five shops you had such luck in. My friend has recently opened up a great shop on State St. that I'm excited to visit. I can't wait until my teaching break in February so I can come down! I love your art ideas Patty, on your school art site. Thanks for sharing them.


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