Sunday, January 17, 2010

Google Sync Saves the Day

Last October, a bit harried and frayed around the edges, I called my friend Rachael and begged her to help me streamline my life. A former organizer but now a super woman, Rachael looked at me with a not-so-subtle glint in her eye and asked me what type of calendar system my family used. I had to think about that one. Let's see....there's my work organizer, the family activities white board in the office, the pretty kitchen art calendar and finally, Outlook on my computer. Oh wait, there's hand-drawn, doodle calendar in my art journal (my favorite).
Rachael choked on her cappuccino.
Simplify, she said...with a Blackberry.
No thanks. My un-smart phone is fine.
Okay but just look at what mine can do.
I was well aware of email and browser benefits, but did you know that you can sync Google calendar with your Blackberry or Iphone? Of course you did. Everyone in the world knows this. Except me.
Every time you add an event to your computer's Google calendar, it syncs to your phone's calendar. And vice versa. Amazing, right? Now my calendar walks with me. It reminds me, no matter where I am, that I'm late for something. Isn't that fantastic?
I tossed the other time-suckers.

2010 feels very organized so far. Ahhhh....

New on the horizon? A new Art Studio! Okay, family home-office, but I like "workshop" better. New floor to ceiling shelves and cupboards, new built-in desks with task lighting. I love this Pottery Barn workstation for the middle...only on paper at this stage but it'll be fun to plan.

Been hammering away at a new first draft. Took Hip Writer Mama's advice on these super cute, easy-to-manage plot cards and am having a ball.

And yes, I've hand-selected a few...just a few agents and sent out queries. We'll see if my match-making attempts work out. Until then, I have two days off to write until my butt hurts.

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