Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Greetings...

I have no idea what has compelled me to reactivate this blog. It's been five month since my last post and even then, I couldn't quite nail down a solid reason why I felt compelled to perpetuate these sporadic ramblings. But here I am.
I suppose I've missed you all!
I've been very busy. Overwhelmed actually. But I haven't quit writing. In fact, just the opposite. I've been pushing through a whole novel critique with my online critique group. We're almost done. Just the final two chapters. It feels as though I've reworked, tweaked, cut, and revised my novel to death. That sounds bad, except for the fact that it's better than ever. I love the way it has taken on new life, deeper emotions and intriguing sub-plots.
But it has to go.
Off to the scary world of agents and editors.
The last time I took the plunge, I got tremendous feedback. So good, in fact, that it inspired me to start fresh. Rewrite the whole dang thing! I hope I'm not that inspired again.
Can you tell I'm scared?
But it has to go.
For the first time ever, though, I can actually envision my book on a bookstore shelf.
It feels very good.

Wishing you all a year of fulfilled dreams and endless happy moments!


  1. I can picture your book on a bookstore shelf as well! This will be your year!

  2. On top of teaching art, being a mom, wife and keeping a blog to inspire other art educators like myself with step-by-step instructions, no less...you are...BIG GULP...writing a book?

    That's amazing! I want a copy when it is published!

    Thanks again for emailing me back during your SUPER BUSY life!!!!

    Good luck and Happy New Years,
    Hope :)

  3. You're back! YAY! Best of luck, Patty. I know your book will get published.


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