Sunday, September 21, 2008

Taking a break...

September has proven to be a busy time of year. As much as I love my blog, I need to sign off for a while and devote every spare moment I have to completing my re-write of my first novel. I'm anxious to finish it so I can get working on the first draft of my second! So much to write, so little time!
See you in a month!


  1. Keep on writing! You can do this!

  2. Patty,

    It's Jennie, from Big Sur last year!


    Are you returning this winter?

    How is your book coming along?

    I really loved meeting you -- you have great energy and integrity.

    Hope your rewrite is going well!

    Would love to hear from you!

  3. Jennie!!! I remember you well...especially your writing!
    I'm not going this year but I'm starting to regret that decision. What a great conference it was, not to mention great folks such as yourself.
    I'm working hard on my book, rewriting and polishing. I love it but need to get it out there.
    How about your story??? Love the snowboarding action. I'd love to hear back from you.

  4. Hi again!

    Wow -- in addition to your energy and integrity, you have persistence!

    I abandoned the snowboarding novel and wrote a different story w/ my husband. It's "being considered," which means that I'm dying, waiting to hear what will most likely be a rejection...

    Is Eve in your group?

    Anyway, check out our Ashland blog:


    My email is

    Keep writing! You have great rythm and talent.



  5. Can you start Capturing some Joy again??? MISS YOU!

    I decided to go to the Big Sur Workshop in March, the YA one. Maybe you are available to go then???

    The blogisphere sure is lonely without you:)


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