Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crochet and Guitar Hero III...who knew?

After wishing them well, my husband and boys headed to Sierra Summit for their annual Christmas ski trip. That meant "girls-only" weekend with my daughter. What to do first???
Well, after returning a few gifts, dining out and getting our nails done, we were bored.
We returned home, stared at each other for a while then had a random thought. "Let's try that guitar thing Tate got for Christmas." Elly groaned. We had already "tried" it under Tate's tutorial but bombed. Neither one of us could get one freakin' note. Deciding that we hated it forever, we didn't think it would be much better this time around. But we were game to try.
But, alas, I struck a few notes and was hooked. Mind you I'm still on the beginner set, but I couldn't get off. The songs are from my rock and roll days...not that I ever had one, but you know, Pat Benatar, Kiss, etc.
Unfortunately, I rocked a bit too hard, scaring Elly with my strong vocals in "Hit me with your best shot". I gave it a rest...only to pick up something new Saturday morning.
Elly and I headed over to our craft store, picked up a few skeins of yarn. It was time to teach my daughter how to crochet. Not that I knew how. A quick google got me what I needed. Beginner crochet lessons. Memories of my grandmother teaching me how to make granny squares flooded back, and soon I was making my chain stitch, double crochet stitch and even a round thingy. Yoo-hew! I was on fire. Step back a bit. The Elly part of this equation was frustrated to no end. So after a few teary sessions, we got out her knitting needles and she started on a scarf.
So here we were, Saturday evening, crochet-ing and knitting wildly. We even had dinner, finger food style. Two rockin', knittin' chicks.
Can't say that they will be my new hobbies, but it was great learning something new, taxing my brain (in the guitar hero sense) and having fun with my daughter.
As with every year, no New Years Eve mantras or resolutions for me. I plan to keep doing what I'm doing, adding the occasional splash of color from a new yarn or belting out a new song.


  1. Miss Patty--I read through Lesson 1 and subsequently decided to abandon all hope for becoming a crochet whiz. One time my mother-in-law tried to teach me to knit and after about an hour she just reached over and took my needles away from me. I am hoping my creative talents are flowing in a different direction. Written word? I hope so.


  2. C'mon, Mags! What about the chain stitch? Tell me you got that? I'm making pom-poms...very easy. Next writing critique I suggest we break for pom-pom lessons.


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