Monday, August 27, 2007

Series Writing

It's such a presumptuous thing...thinking about a series when you haven't finished revising your first book, let alone have it published. But I can't wait. I began outlining book two of Greenwood Girls last spring. It was such fun, that I decided to add not only a third, but a fourth, fifth and sixth book. I figure Dree has six years at Greenwood Academy so why not take the reader along on her journey. Of course, Dree's last year coincides with an Olympic year, which of course, is Dree's ultimate goal. So I knew what the outcome would be...and BTW, winning the gold medals is not necessarily the big prize. But what happens to her along the way? What sacrifices does she make? Who or what is holding her back? And most importantly, has Greenwood Academy been able to hold up under scrutiny?
And what about William's quest for Olympic glory? The winter Olympics have an alternating schedule so William's Olympic dream happens before Dree's. Hmmm. And what other Greenwood athletes have their eyes on Olympic glory?
And how does Cameron fit in to all this. Equestrians are usually a bit older and more seasoned competitors than gymnasts or figure skaters who tend to peek in their mid to late teens. What are her goals.
The thing I realized this summer while reading through a few installments of popular series (yes, Harry Potter and Eclipse) is that the author needs to know what happens in book six long before it's ever written Otherwise, the story gets convoluted and misses the mark. I love how JK Rowling crafted her series. Characters that appear in book one suddenly have relevance by book three. There was such trust in the author that she really knew how everything would turn out.
So as my trio of prepubescent athletes grow into young women, and endure many twists and turns along the way, I hope to have a satisfying ending to their stay at Greenwood Academy.
It's like reliving my teenage years again when every spare moment (and I had lots) were spent with these girls--creating their nemesis in their sport, drawing where they lived and even designing meal plans for each girl. I was a bit obsessed then and it's obvious I still am!

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