Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This one's for Maggie!

Here is a little nostalgia for all the ladies out there from my generation. I dug this drawing out of my old Greenwood School Archives and posted it for my writing friend Maggie D. She reminded me of how big this fictitious school was in my teenage years.
My all-time fave model/Greenwood Academy student, Kristy MacLeod, got the job of posing for this once popular ad. Modelling was a big thing for Greenwood Academy back in the seventies (when I was gawky, shy and most definitely not model material). I created a slew of models that rivaled the Ford Agency in New York, some as young as twelve but my favorites were fourteen. Just about the age of my real life heroes Brooke Shields, Tatumn O'Neal and Kristy McNichol. Remember Little Darlings?
My Kristy "appeared" in may ads like Love's Baby Soft and Jordache Jeans. Oh, and she was a regular in Seventeen magazine.
I so wanted to be her!
I might have had too much time on my hands back then. Did I mention I had only 2 television channels when I was growing up?


  1. Dear Patty--I was so astounded to see your newest headline. Wow! This may be the closest I come to being featured in a blog. Thanks! See you Tuesday--Maggie

  2. Well, you know how much of a partner-in-crime you are! I still have a few Seventeen magazines from as far back as 1978. I love purusing back issues and being transported back to those years when hair, clothes and boys were all I thought of. Thanks for all your great critiques!

  3. LOVE it. Her feathered bangs are the best:) I feel like I knew her growing up. Great job Patty! It's so great that this novel has been brewing for so long....pretty soon you'll be on your beautiful island, huh?


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