Monday, May 7, 2007

I can't wait. Every magazine I open that features waterside cottages, I begin to dream about my blue wooden A-frame with the unfinished kitchen. Small things like adding a seagrass mat underneath my kitchen table or re-painting my cupboards makes me drowsy with inspiration. I can't wait to frame some of my kids artwork, especially Elliott's, whose acrylic sailboat was featured in a previous post. I think it will fit perfectly in the bathroom, which is nautical in theme.
I can't wait to see my kids run. Not to anyplace in particluar...just run because they can. Green lawns are everywhere and are expansive. Mowing is a major activity and one in which most Islander's take considerable pride in.

Once my decorating whimsy is fulfilled, I'll tackle Book II of Greenwood Girls. The original is still being revised but I figure lounging on the deck is more conducive to creative thought rather than the critical, paragraph-deleting, frame of mind one must be in in order to revise effectively . Which is why writing book II makes since for summertime writing.

I'm also looking forward to winning the ladies division of the Rice Point Invitational Golf Tournament. You might think that is a lofty goal, but considering that only my sisters will be competeing, I say my chances of winning are pretty good. Bring it on, Tammy!
Hope everyone else has grand plans for the summer...

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