Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ainsley is out; Dree is in....

Okay, so I know I got really jazzed about my new book, which is untitled so I just call it my "Ainsley Book", but I couldn't help but get wrapped up again with Greenwood Girls. What can I say? The New York conference inspired me to revise Grenwood Girls yet again. I decided to eliminate a character after feeling that my book has had too may girls to sort through. My vision when I first began this story was to create a big collection of girls and throw them together to see what happens...maybe good at a party but not so much for a middle grade read.
Over the many revsions, I've eliminated lots of characters, but only after deciding that one girl could do the job of two. I've gotten rid of Ashleigh, Courtney, one useless coach and now Nikki, Zoe's side kick. I figured Zoe didn't need any sidekick since Dree was her puppet.
I feel so refreshed!
This is not to say that Ainsley's story is dead, it's just taken a lower place on my shelf for another month. I'm into cutting right now and Ainsley is at that beautiful place where you can just write and not worry about anything.

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