Friday, January 5, 2007

New Book...

I spent most of the week after Christmas doing my final revision to "Greenwood Girls" which I know will never quite be done in my eyes. It'll be hard to stop adding new scenes and deleting yucky ones but maybe, just maybe if a publisher wants it, I may get to revise again. As it stands...I just gotta get it out there!
If any of you are revising a children's book, particularily middle grade or young adult, I found that Cheryl Klein's website (an editor at Scholastic) offers a great slew of helpful revision techniques.
I used her T.R.U.C.K method of revising and loved the process.
Now onto a new book...currently, it has no title but the whole story was inspired by my own diary of when I was 14. Man, talk about painful...those years were tough! Anyway, the diary (in it's pink "Sunbonnet Sue" splendor) sure provided great material for my character, Ainsley Archer and her group of pain-in-the-butt friends.
Ainsley is a sweet girl who has stood in the shadows of her sister (the Junior State golf champion) and her group of popular and ever-dating friends long enough. Who knows how Ainsley will survive going dateless to the homecoming dance or how she'll react when a guy finally tells her he actually does like her...stay tuned!
So out with the old and in with the new, as they say! Happy writing!

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