Monday, April 26, 2010

Finding inspirations for illustrations

I'm primarily a figure artist. I've drawn so many fashion illustrations in my day, I'm pretty sure I could draw them blindfolded. Objects are new for me. I've made it a pact to pull and paint one item from my newly created folder of inspirations each day. This pot of succulents was inspired by a clipping in the LA Times last week...
I found this boathouse in a "Coastal Living" magazine. You've already seen the results yesterday of my drawing attempts.

I'm a magazine junkie. Even with my pledge to reduce the amount of paper that arrives in my mailbox, I'm ultimately a sucker for flipping through pages, not screens. I did, however, manage to stack thirty magazines on my table and slice my favorite images from the pile and sort into categories.
I wonder what image will speak to me next?


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