Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Break

First week of summer vacation. Not so busy anymore. Kids are sleeping. The humming Tivo and computer are the only sounds I hear. It's way too early to be up and I can't help but think that if I don't make a plan--a really good plan--I could end up coffee-breaking my way through summer vacation.

I shouldn't be worried. I'm a productive person. Give me a task and it's done (except paying bills). But there is something strangely unnerving about going cold turkey.

The frenetic pace I was on (I'll admit it) was invigorating. The art shows boosted my confidence as an art teacher. The schools were alive with color, imagination and cheer. I was proud.

I've managed to write while my kids chaotic schedule breached our home's normal tranquility. But seeing my kids grow into teens is a story I don't want to miss.
(My son is in a band for pity sake! That's him in the red.)

I've delved into my artistic side this year and explored blogs of unbelievable creativity, passion and dedication. It inspired me to unearth my own vision and join the party.

So how do I avoid feeling lost and unproductive?
  • I'm taking my kids to San Francisco next week. Three days of playing tourist. No itinerary, just winging it. And I plan to take lots of pictures with my fabulous new Sony Cybershot which is the best little camera in the world.
  • I'm attending The Pacific Northwest Children's Writers Conference in July and hope that I get Arthur Levine for my one-on-one critique. But wouldn't it be great to have Linda Urban critique your work?
  • I'm adding to my list of agents and editors and plan to query Greenwood Girls again. After a year of revisions and touch ups (based on editorial feedback plus critiques from my amazing FarFlung writers group), I'm ready to see what happens.
  • I plan to take a hiatus from blogging, writing and critiquing when I travel to Prince Edward Island this summer. We'll only spend three weeks there this year (Hey, anyone want to rent a sweet little cottage on the Northumberland Straight for a really good price???). Due to my kid's expanding social and athletic needs, we're required to stay put in Santa Barbara. But how bad could that be?
(This is our little beach. Warm waters, clam digging at low tide...ahhhh...)

There. That should do it.
The neighborhood is waking up. I heard the stop and start of the newspaper man's car. Are their any paperboys left in the world? Hmmm...
Enjoy your summer everyone!


  1. I can't wait to hear about the conference. Someday I will get to that cottage. There. I've published my intention.

  2. Is that the view from your cottage? It's stunning! Quite lovely! Only 3 weeks? I should be so lucky...

    I hope you get Arthur Levine and blog all about it!!!

  3. Enjoy the summer, Patty! I am envious of the little beach. Lovely!

    Oh, and in response to your question about paperboys, earlier today I happened to learn about an upcoming book by Sue Corbett called, wait for it, "The Last Newspaper Boy in America".

  4. You have a little cottage on PEI?! That may have been my greatest wish when I was growing up - I adored Anne Shirley. We finally made it up there for a brief vacation many years ago and it was just a lovely, lovely spot.

  5. Val: Of course, it's waiting for you anytime you need it. You just have to sign my daughter's copy of "Sheep"!

    Sherry: Yes,I'll definitely blog about the conference. I'm quite excited really. Having five "all about me" days.

    Scrappycook: You need to visit our small Island. Anne Shirley is everywhere! I grew up thinking she was real.

  6. What a wonderful art display of your students! You should be very proud! I know they were! Will miss your blogging for the summer, but can't wait to hear about everything when you return. I know you will have a wonderful time!

  7. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. It is great visiting yours!
    We have to go about six weeks before the vacation starts....

    enjoy yours!

  8. Enjoy your summer, Patty! Can't wait to hear about all your wonderful adventures!

  9. Hey, you too! It sounds like a great summer plan. I'm off to Germany tomorrow to pick up my girls, who have been going to school there with the children of friends of ours for two weeks. Can't wait to have them back, the little critters. Life has been so quiet without them!

  10. Patty,

    Good luck with your queries. With all that hard work behind you, I'm sure you'll get tons of interest. Glad you are able to carve out three weeks for PEI. Love thinking of you there. *hugs*


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