Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Best Things: Part III

In keeping my previous theme, the third best thing I did for myself in 2008 was....

Create an inviting, inspiring, and away-from-the-kids writing space.

I had an office. Downstairs, just off the kitchen, steps from the den. A nice 10' x 12' room with a window and plenty of space for all my books and my computer...and my son's computer and my other son's guitar and two amps...and, oh wait, another computer. More like a TV really, considering the size.

My office was becoming a hang-out. Not exactly conducive for plot layering exercises.
I needed another space. Away from the texting, the gaming, the NOISE.
I knew just the right spot.

The floor plan called it a "retreat". To me it was an awkward nook in my bedroom, that would have been better served as an extra room or closest. For years it was the dumping spot for magazines, books, and furniture. My kids used to sleep on the old couch that found it's way into the space, claiming brothers or nightmares kept them from their own beds.

In a matter of four hours, the useless waste of a space in my bedroom was transformed into my new writing retreat. My desk faces two windows that overlook a beautiful country side with hills and mountains. It's a great perch to view countless birds, watch the runners and those out walking their dog olong the bike path that ambles past the back of our home.
It's a great space and I'm sure I've gotten more writing done in the past two months than all of last year. The difference is really staggering.

Let the words flow....


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