Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's starting to feel alot like Christmas...

Friday Night: Santa Barbara held it's annual Holiday Parade. We go every year. It's a combination of school bands, dance squads, a few horses and lots of holiday cheer. In past years, my boys rode the 24 wheeler and shouted Christmas greetings aboard the Boy Scout float. This year, Elly, dressed as a fairy, did the same with her girl scout troupe. She claims to have rallied the girls into singing carols the whole length of the parade route. I believe her.

Decided I don't like Sent invitations via this recommended site from Oprah magazine and really shouldn't have. Evite is my much preferred method.

Saturday morning: I unpacked the mountain of boxes containing holiday cheer and tried to recreate the magic my mother made last year. My parents visited for Thanksgiving last year and while I attended The Big Sur Writer's workshop, she decorated my house. I walked in late Sunday night and gasped. Was this my house??? This year, I'm on my own. I succeeded, but like my daughter said,"Well, it's nice but you just can't beat Nanny." Who said I was trying for Pete's sake? Oh well. It's done. Now...just the tree.

Saturday Night: Gussied myself up in a sparkly top and waited while Neil caught the first quarter of the OU game against Mizzou. Threw back a Saporro with my friend LynnDee. Departed while OU was up 10-7 and enjoyed a festive evening at Fess Parker's for Neil's annual work party. Home by 9:15. I repeat 9:15. Hmmmm.

Sunday: Big plans for today. Post blog and finish my rewrite on Greenwood Girls. I'm on my FINAL CHAPTER!!!! Ahhhh. It feels so good, especially since I get to reread the whole dang thing next and make notes.
While I work on my weekly critique group critiques, Neil will hopefully fix my dishwasher and put up the outside lights.

Now...back to my rewrite...Happy Holidays!


  1. Hi Patty,

    I'm the founder of MyPunchbowl, and I came across your blog post this morning. I was disappointed to hear that you didn't have a great MyPunchbowl experience. I'd love to hear why and what we can do to improve. You can reach me in a few ways:
    1) Email
    2) Call me at 650 814 3393 (yes, that's my actual cell phone that I'm posting online -- that's how serious I am about customer service)
    3) Email

    Hope to hear from you.

    - Matt Douglas

  2. Patty,
    It's funny that you should talk about your Mom decorating your house for Christmas- Every year when I decorate I try to channel your Mom...And come up short.
    It's been many years since I've seen a "Greenwood Farm" christmas tree, but, in my mind, they are legendary!
    Lisa (Gaudet)

  3. FINAL CHAPTER!!!!!! Hooray for you! Time to celebrate, I'd say. Or are you going to write the whole thing all over again? :)

  4. Great job Patty! Congrats on completing the rewrite. Happy Holidays to you too:)

  5. Lisa??? How are you! Good to see you
    here! Yes, Christmas on Greenwood Farm. Those were the days, huh?
    Hope all is well...maybe I'll see you again this summer.

    Val: Horray! I'm DONE. Now it's a matter of polishing up everything. I think it's a stronger story. Actually, I know it is. But is it enough???

    Laura: Any chance you're driving through SB again?

  6. Bummer. Everyone got a response from Patty P except for me :-(

    - Matt

  7. Matt: Funny guy!
    I thought I'd email you privately.

  8. Your mom decorated your house? You are so lucky! I'm sure you'll do just a good a job this year.

  9. Hi Angela,
    Yes. Aren't I lucky? It was a one time thing being that she lives in Canada and usually saves her visits for February.

  10. Hi Patty! This is Christy Raedeke from Big Sur - I was in Ellen and Julie Strauss-Gabel's critique groups with you. I'm also part of Jennie Englund's critique group blog, which is where I saw your name and followed to your blog.

    I am so happy to read that you are on the final chapter of Greeenwood Girls, I totally loved what I read of your manuscript!

    I hope you have a great new year full of publishing possibilities :)


  11. hey patty,

    congrats on your last chapter!

    how will you celebrate: a big night out? a quiet night with some chocolate? or with a nap?

    would love to peek at the MS someday if you're seeking readers...

    have a truly peaceful season.

  12. Oh, Patty! I'm so thrilled about the FINAL CHAPTER!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  13. Christy: I thought I recognized your name while perusing your blog. What a fantastic time we had in Big Sur. Hope your writing is going well. hey, since you're in Jennie's critique group, perhaps you can convince her to resurrect her "Big Sur" manuscript. I loved it!

    Jennie: sometimes I can't believe I'm still working on this story but I love it and want it to be better. Hopefully buy the new year it'll be time to see my baby go!

    Thanks for the support Vivian. Wishing you the best this season...can't wait to hear from you and PB come January!


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