Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life's not always a beach...

Golf, sand, books, mosquitoes, water skiing...and broken bones. Life can go from this idyllic picture to one in which I'd rather not post. Poor Tate. A wild water ski run landed him in the ER with a broken femur. Serious ouch. Don't ask how we got him out of the water.
But he's okay. He had surgery on Friday and is now resting, although not very comfortably, in the amazing IWK Children's hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The hospital is like a hotel. It's designed for families. There is a flat screen TV, full bed, comfy linens and get this...high speed internet, all in Tate's private room! Gotta love the Canadian Health Care system. They even have a kitchen stocked with food. Never been in a hospital long enough to appreciate these types of amenities. Oh, and did I mention the really super nurses?

Summer Reading Program: Been reading plenty of good books. Started with The Absolutely True Story of a part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie. Was really enjoying it before my son stole it from me. He was very concerned that this was based on a real story. Discussions about Native Americans ensued. Never got to finish the last chapter.
Harmless by Dana Reinhardt was fantastic. Told by three different characters. Loved them all. Appreciated how individual and unique the three girls voices and internal conflicts were. Learned a lot from this book.

After a visit to a rural library close to my cottage, I spotted a book with an interesting cover and title.
The Corps of the Bare-Boned Plane by Polly Horvath
was a lesson in uniqueness. The setting (an island off the coast of Vancouver), cast of characters (none entirely likable but all engaging) and a story line that you really weren't sure where it would end up, provided a nearly continuous read. Loved the writing style. Looking forward to reading Hovarth's The Canning Season when I get a chance.

Summer Writing Program: Been doing relatively well with my rewrite. Three hours a day, five days a week is a terrific goal when I don't have visitors or am not in the hospital, which has consumed most of my vacation. Visitors: good, hospital: bad.
I've deleted entire chapters, created new ones and have a much better sense of my character's driving force. Yeah!
Had to set aside my second novel while in this particular summer mode. Been thinking about Ainsley a lot, though, especially while playing golf or watching the Evian Open on TV.

Summer Olympics! I am SO gearing up! The US Olympic gymnastic team was announced last week. Felt bad that Jana Beiger didn't make the official team but was included as an alternate. Looking forward to seeing how the entire team performs. If you don't think that gymnastics is a team sport (or even a sport at know who you are) then watch the Olympics. I can hardly wait for the drama to unfold.

Signing off from the IWK hospital...


  1. Well, the starfish look cool.

    Thinking of you guys! And here's to a speedy recovery!

  2. Patty--so sorry to hear about Tate. Please give him my wishes for a speedy recovery. Glad to know that Canadian health care is so comprehensive, but sorry that you had to learn about it under these circumstances.

    Just finished my conference--quite wonderful. Listened to lots of authors, agents and editors. Very inspiring and encouraging--the juices seem to be flowing again. Heading home tomorrow morning,and I can't wait to get back in touch with Miss Emelia. Glad your writing program is going well.

    Sending healing thoughts your, maggie

  3. Patty

    *hugs* *MORE HUGS*

    Hope Tate is milking this for all it's worth:) Sounds like you are handling it all in typical Patty-style, making the best of it, while taking it all in for material later. I'm sorry Nate needed surgery. Hope all is well after. It's amazing how fast kids heal compared to adults.

    I miss you! I'm so excited that through it all you have found time to write. I admire that. This type of thing usually distracts me so much that I can't think of anything else. I'm so glad that you've found time for yourself too. Your reading is an inspiration, truly. Thanks for posting all the titles!

    I had an amazing SCBWI conference. So excited to jump into my work.

    Take care amiga...hoping you are drinking wine on your porch soon.

  4. Patty, I just heard from our good friend LH about Tate. I am so sorry. I cannot wait until you guys get back to SB so we can support you. I hope he is doing better. I sounds like it has been an eventful summer.


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