Sunday, June 8, 2008

Book Challenge...Book #2

Of course, I changed my mind. The original list of books I planned to read for the Book Challenge changed. First off, I couldn't wait to read Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature. I finished it before the book challenge began, so it couldn't count towards my "official" numbers. Have to say though, I LOVED this book. It's the kind of book I wished I had written. I loved the subject: Christian teens battle religious beliefs. Any book that argues religion is bound to be a good read for me. The ultimate source of conflict for most people. It didn't disappoint. Aside from the Science vs. Faith arguments, what I loved most were the characters. So true and never wavering. It's a must read in my opinion.
So, after Feed, the next book on my original list was Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney. My son and I picked up Book One and Book Two (Roderick Rules) and read them in less than an hour. We both had random bouts of laughter and all we had to do was hold up the book to see what made us laugh. The illustrations are pretty darn funny. The text is pretty darn funny.
If you have a boy in your house anywhere from age 10 to 14, this is sure bet.
(Page count: 217)

When I was at Chaucer's the other day, I noticed Susan Pfeffer's The Dead and the Gone. I read, Life as We Knew It, the first book in the series with great interest. I loved the Apocalyptic theme. So I began reading book 2 last night and so far have been disappointed. The book is not a sequel. It's the parallel story of how a boy in New York deals with the same world-altering event. Oh well. I'll keep reading and I'm sure I'll be swept up with this story as I was with the first. I just needed to get over the disappointment first.
(Insertion Monday, June 9th...Not a bad read. Certainly, the author used similar scenes in creating the hysteria surrounding this cataclysmic event but it didn't have as much as an impact as the first time around. What was missing was the lead up. The answer to why food was in short supply, why were people leaving NYC. We get that in the first book, but not so much in this one. Still an intriguing read.
Page count: 321)

So I think after reading The Dead and The Gone this will be it for my Book Challenge. I decided that since 1) I'm a pathetically slow reader 2) I have too many competing weekend interests 3) my butt is too sore from sitting and finally 4) I hate rushing a good book, that I'm not a very good Book Challenge participant.

Starting tomorrow, I will be launching my Summer Writing Program. Yeah! I'm officially done of work (at least until September) and will embark on my new career as very determined would-be author. Three hours of writing per day, Five days a week. Ahhh. My butt is never too sore to write.


  1. The next three weeks will be writing focused for me too. Then much of the summer will be pool time with the kids!
    Thanks for the update on the reading!

  2. I'm glad you liked Evolution! Can't wait to read the results of your summer writing...I bet it'll be awesome!

  3. Patty, Happy Summer Writing! Huzahhh! And congrats on entering the wonderful world of Summer. Enjoy:)


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