Sunday, March 30, 2008

Looking forward to...

Took a creative break yesterday. Spent a few hours designing a new deck for our cottage in Prince Edward Island. The planning and dreaming process is the best part. I love the anticipation of going back home. Our spot is perfect for us; simple and so cottage-y. I love the white wooden walls, the screen door and the lack of technology. My cell phone doesn't work--coverage is so sparse that the battery wears down just searching for a connection.
I love resurrecting old bed sheets, colorful curtains and down-filled pillows from my current home--things that don't quite fit in with my current decor. I put it all in a box and save it for the cottage.
I traveled down to Burbank yesterday to the IKEA store. Bought some colorful duvet covers and pillows for the cottage. And a super perfect print. It reminds me so much of home. Can almost smell the salt air.

Spent another couple of hours planning and designing a ceramic tile mural that will adorn the front of my kid's elementary school. I'm organizing the fundraiser for our PTA. It's my hope that families (past, present and future) will purchase a tile and chose a design, so that it can be added to one large mural. It will be their legacy to the school. Can't wait to post some pictures of the finished project.

Creativity, fulfilled. Daydreaming, in check. Now, onto my writing....


  1. The cottage sounds perfect! And the mural sounds fun :)

  2. The ocean air is awesome. Hope you get to go to the cottage soon!

    I haven't gone to IKEA in a few months and I think I need to plan a trip this week.

    Hope the writing is going well!

  3. You are SO creative:) Love the idea of a mural. Nice to think of you on the island, writing. Maybe one day when you are famous you can host a Prince Edward Island Writer's Retreat! Love your porch:)

  4. Thanks, Tricia. It is fun. Going home and seeing my family is what really rejuvenates me.

    Vivian, hope you get to Ikea soon. Such fun stuff. It was years since I had been there. Love the colors.

    PEI Retreat, so funny. That's what Maggie always says. With a little tour of L M Montgomery's birthplace and grave site as part of the itinerary!

  5. Ha-ha, that sounds like fun:) And of course a nice cup of wine at sunset. Nice you had a chance to do a little dreaming these days.

  6. I joke to Neil that I sit on the deck all morning with my cup of coffee until it's time to switch to a glass of wine. basically,I do nothing except dream up new stories. Ahhh!

  7. Sounds absolutely FABULOUS:) Good for you!


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