Thursday, January 24, 2008

Speak and Skating...two current obessions.

Been heavy on the writing and reading lately. Went to the book store to find one of the books I was planning to read (Opposite of Invisible) but had to order it. Instead, picked up Speak by well, everyone knows who. Read it in a couple of sittings. Good lord. How did she do that? What a fantastic book.
I went back over it many times, re-reading my favorite parts. I particularly loved the art teacher's role. As an artist, I understand the healing powers of working through a piece of art. Starting it, reworking it, changing colors, switching mediums, tearing it up and starting again. Maybe that's why revisions aren't that scary for me. Nothing can be created in just one sitting.
I loved the annoying friendship with Heather...we all have met these girls. It got me thinking about how my own characters are defined in Greenwood Girls. I think they're all unique, different, talented, etc. but how different are they really. Are they stereotypes? I'm not sure I've done all I can to really develop these characters, especially since they are athletes-and good ones at that.
So, I'm back to revising Greenwood Girls. Changing up dialog, creating tension, deepening the emotional responses. Will it ever be done?

The US Figure Skating Championships are on this weekend. I'm looking forward to catching some new skating stars. Haven't seen any new faces in a while, so I'm anxious to see what this year holds.

Alissa Czisny is one of my current favorites. Maybe it's because she looks so much like my character, William Spenser. Except Alyssa looks very sweet. William is a little edgier.
I'm sure we'll see her in this weeks Nationals.


  1. Nationals- I'm in!! Ålmost forgot about them..The Canadians were lackluster at best. I like Czisny too.

  2. I'm just about to log onto MSN to get the live feed. I'm dying to see someone knew. Not exactly inspired ny Kimmie Meisner or Sara Huges. Too nice.
    So, you're off to Milan soon, huh?
    Lucky, lucky you! I'm taking Elly to Disneyland for her 9th birthday!(can you believe my baby is 9). Not quite fashion week but we get to ride the teacups.

  3. Speak is fantastic.
    I hope that you find and read The Opposite of Invisible soon!

  4. Little Willow; Me too! Waiting for Borders to call me reagrding my copy. Thansk for stopping by.


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